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CALL (785) 267-0157

Empowering you in financial decisions

Please call our office at 785-267-0157 to schedule a free consult today!

Empowering you in financial decisions

Please call our office at 785-267-0157 to schedule a free consult today!

What We Offer

Life insurance: whole life, term life, juvenile life, indexed universal life, and living benefit term life. Annuities: fixed rate annuity, fixed indexed annuity, single premium annuity, and single premium immediate payout annuity Individual health: traditional single health insurance, short term medical insurance, indemnity plans, and hospital indemnity plans Medicare: Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Part D drug plans.

Can You Send Me A quote?

While we would love to be able to provide a quick answer to this question, everyone is different and every insurance need is different. In order to understand your unique situation to provide the best possible solutions, we need to understand what your specific needs are. 

Unlike other insurance options that offer a blanket “one size fits all” system for pricing, we offer exceptional, customized solutions. Not only that – but you will also know what you are purchasing, why you are purchasing it, and how to use it by the time we are done.  In order to do that, we need to get to know you during a short meeting to assess your needs. I would love to visit with you to understand how to serve you best. 

Please call our office at 785-267-0157 to schedule a free consult today! 

medicare application


Many find Medicare very confusing and complicated. We make the parts and plans of Medicare understandable and how they relate to you. There are many plans available in Kansas, and she is assigned to the majority of carriers. At the age of 65, you may choose from an attained age or issue age policy. Pam is a Medicare expert. Why pay more if you don’t have to?


Pam specializes in contractually guaranteed retirement strategies that are built to simplify your retirement years. You want your retirement income to last your entire lifetime – guaranteed.


Do you need insurance coverage for dental, vision, disability income, life insurance, etc.? There are multitudes of policies and companies. With an issue, there is also a solution! Pam will work with you and provide a solution that suits your budget

Need help with your property & casualty insurance? Here are our recommendations:


There are many rules and regulations in place with the current health care law that are complicated. Pam is a health care advisor that strives to find the best value for the premium involved. As things move forward with changes and amendments to the Affordable Care Act, she will make certain that all plans she writes are compliant to the law. As a broker, she is able to run quotes from several carriers to compare prices. There is no need to call the health insurance carrier because Pam is the customer service representative for all of the policies she write.

About us

Pam grew up in a small southeast Kansas town, Fredonia where hard work and integrity matter. Those values is how she conducts her business. Pam’s work ethic is simple: treat others as you want to be treated. She is married to her best friend, Tom, and they have two children, Jacob and Travis. They have one granddaughter who is the light of their life! Pam is a Topeka Twilight Club member, a Topeka Lions board member, Grace Point Church member, and she serves on an executive board for human trafficking prevention and is part of an alumni society that supports the Fredonia teachers and students.


See what people are saying.

Amid the health insurance, Medicare, and Social Security maze of options, details, deadline, and costs, Pam Luthi cut through the confusion with her clear, concise explanations, sound advice, ad expert follow-through to meet out needs. Extremely knowledgeable, dependable, detail-oriented, a good listener, and easy to talk to. Pam provided all the help we needed to get the job done on time. Her expertise alleviated much of the stress and anxiety that comes with making these decisions and getting everything into place. Thank you Pam for being there!
- Linda B
Stressed over insurance? Don't be! Turning 65 can be so overwhelming, especially when it comes to insurance. You are supposed to make decisions that could financially affect you the rest of your life. You get flooded with mail from so many insurance companies, but what is best for you??? I turned to Pam Luthi. I went in for my appointment confused and she immediately put me at ease. She is so knowledgeable! She helped me tailor my insurance exactly for what I needed. I left feeling confident that I had the best insurance for my health with the best price. Pam is a great person that I would recommend to anyone. In fact, I have!
- Barbara P
My husband and I have known Pam Luthi for a number of years. We have asked her for insurance advice as well as financial planning as we approached our retirement. Pam Luthi was and is always accessible for the many questions we had, detailed in the answers she gave us, never to busy to return phone calls, worked around our schedules and gave us many options to chose from. Pam Luthi has continued to update us on the choices we made regarding our retirement funds and supply us with any new options that may keep our retirement plan functioning in our best interests.
- Laura & Danny S

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Please call our office at 785-267-0157 to schedule a consult today!